Dynamic Singing Lessons Online

Why Online?

Singing lessons online mean you can take your sessions with you wherever you are & there's no need to fit another trip into your week. You can take lessons in whatever setting you're most comfortable.

You have all practice resources at your fingertips 24/7. Students report that they practice more often than for in-person lessons!

As with all of my lessons, you get the benefits of increased confidence in and control of your speaking and singing voice.

Strengthen Your Unique Voice

Fun & Intuitive Lessons

Creative expression and vocal health are the keys to a great voice. I seek to draw out & hone your unique voice to express what only you can. I do this through working on projection, range, support & various styles of singing so that you won't lose your voice due to misuse.

I bring a uniquely body based approach through my training in Alexander Technique & yoga. I have a BA in music from Mills College & a Grade 8 in Vocals (Trinity). I'm proudly steeped in groundbreaking voice work and research.

Bringing years of experience and training

I studied voice in the UK & the USA with Paul Farrington, Anne-Marie Speed & Christina Shewell. I taught voice & performance at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University, Belfast. My students have been finalists on The Voice Ireland & have won various music awards. But they are also people who love to sing for fun!

My students are my patrons. I've been making music for several years & have performed with Kronos Quartet, Fred Frith, Duke Special & the RTÉ National Orchestra, touring Europe & the USA as a songwriter.

Contact Me

Schedule a free consultation

I offer a free 25-minute consultation & orientation session to every new student!

During this session, we chat about what you are looking for in lessons and develop the ideal tech setup and schedule. It's great to think about what kind of songs you want to sing.

All lessons scheduled by appointment part-time (twice a month) or full-time (4-8 sessions a month)

Due to demand for sessions, 24 hours' notice is required for any cancelled lessons

Payment may be made through PayPal or Venmo

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